Monday, May 19, 2008


Mr. Tan Tiong Lip

middlelip said...
Yup, LJ...Feel this Blog should be kept ALIVE for all kh7883 to continue to keep in touch... ;)The ReUnion is just the BEGINNING...It has brought so many of you together and should now continue to keep all of you together...FRIENDS are forever & the Bond of Friendship should never be broken!Congrats on a great job! Well Done!!
6/5/08 9:01 AM

middlelip said...
P.S. Maintaining a Blog full-time may be taxing on 1 person, with all yr fmly & work commitments.May I suggest forming a small group to do so. Feel those who can spare the time, can volunteer their services...You all can count on me to help in whatever way I can do so, considering my language limitations in Mandarin..hehe... :)This is the MOST SUCCESSFUL ReUnion should NOT go to waste...I support fully what LKhai has suggested above.For a start, it would be a good idea to post contact email addresses of one & all.All the very best in all yr endeavours! TC always!
6/5/08 9:21 AM

Mr. and Mrs. Wong Ah See

wong ah see said...
Hi all,I wanted to say a big thank you to all of you for inviting us to attend your reunion function. I personally find it a very meaningful affair and a truly fruitful experience. And it will definitely serve as something worthwhile to reminisce in our twilight years. I would like to take this opportunity to especially thank and compliment LJ Chuah for taking so much time and pains to organise such a meaningful event. You are truly a role model for the others to follow, LJ. It's really not an easy task to embark on. Keep up this good spirit of yours and may you have a happy and fulfilling life ahead.
Best regards to all,huang yashi (wong ah see)
P/S: I also like to suggest keeping this blog so as to serve as a platform for all of us to communicate with one another.
6/5/08 10:20 AM


Jyue Loh said...

我给Mr Tan教过,他现在看来老很多了……

Anonymous said...

所以,不要问我们,“为何没有update?” – 倒不介意给点有创意的问题。


sabrina said...

Thanks to Mr TL Tan & Mr & Mrs Wong for your kind support. We will try our very best to keep it going, no matter what.


sabrina said...

Mr TL Tan and most of our teachers are still very young at heart, like us.Other than a bit of grey hair, I think Mr TL Tan is still very vibrant & Up-to-date, esp on our cyber talk.
To some of our KH7883 friends, our age is also catching up, do take very good care of our health. Drink less,smoke less, stress less, exercise more, and smile more. If not, next reunion some of us may look older than our teachers liao:)

The naggy Sabrina

middlelip said...

Hi & thks a meg 4all kind words & comments...
As I've said b4 & would like 2repeat here..."The greatest reward that a teacher can ever get is Recognition & Acknowledgement from his former students that he was their teacher & had contributed in whatever little way in their journey thru life..."
In that aspect, kh7883 has done more than we, as teachers, can ever hope for!
And for that, on behalf of all the teachers, I say, THANK YOU!!
Finally, in this busy & hectic world, most have been unable 2find time for friends and kh7883 is a great step in the right direction in fulfilling that need. Friends are now just a click away...
Keep up the great work!

Waisiaw said...


Can you tell me how do I upload to the block the photos I took during 534 ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Waisiaw,

The easiest method is to send it via email to or We will download from there. Where possible send in original size with no compress or resize. If the total size is too large,may split it to few batch (eg.6 photos per email).
Thanks a lot for your willingness to share.