Saturday, January 10, 2009



战争是残酷的, 战争是人类最愚蠢的发明.

08年末至今, 以巴战争已延续了将近两个星期, 姑且不论谁对谁错, 这场政治战争已为两国的人民带来无限的苦难, 伤亡之痛, 不是我们可以体会的.

在这里, 凭着"爱"的名字, 我呼吁各成员能时时祈求两国的和平, 为两国的人民祷告, 希望战争结束的日子快速到来.

同时, 我们也要见苦知福, 看着以巴平民因战争所受尽的艰苦, 我们现今的经济不景已不算什么了.

最后, 希望大家渡过一个充满感恩心的周末!
The tribulations of Israel and Palestine civilians over the raging war has been going on for almost two weeks, disregard to blaming any parties, the people of both countries have suffered from deaths and injuries which are beyond our imagination.
In the name of "LOVE", I sincerely hope all of us could always pray for the end of this senseless political war, at the same time let's also pray for the safety of the people for both countries.


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