Sunday, January 25, 2009








sabrina said...

Gong xi Gong xi.

I am celebrating(?)my CNY at PJ,very quiet no traffic jam.I go Mid-Valley also very easy can get parking yesterday.

Go Chinese restaurants like no need money like that, all packed and the bangala waiters never seem to understand the difference between a fork and a spoon. Pay veli expensive and yet no service....(where got economy crisis?)so, today my family decided to go for muhhibah meal of Roti canai & nasi kandar. May be KFC for tommorow.

How i wish i can join u guys at AS gathering......

Originally i planned to have a KL/PJ dinner on 31st Jan. But a lot of u sms say cannot, so how? Still wanna meet and makan or not? Plus invite few teachers.
Aiya,very susah to organise. If u all want, just sms me and I will organise la. If not, after only me & one-two people peeling kacang there.

2nd proposed date: 7th Feb. 7pm dinner.
Venue: ?????
Please cast your vote.
Kamsiah kamsiah.


kh7883 said...


We in penang are not so lucky-loh, jam jam everywhere, but very obvious biz in restaurants is much slower this year, not as packed as previous years, only hawker centres are ok.

anyway, bad news all over here in penang, INTEL closed two production units, MOTOROLA, SEAGATE slashed jobs, some offered CSS and bla bla....

btw, do you need me to post your info on the gathering in KL/PJ? Let me know the details if you do.

Gong Xi Gong Xi to you all!

Chye Seng

jun said...

2nd proposed date: 7th Feb. 7pm dinner.
Venue: ?????

k l tan