Thursday, September 25, 2008




36, Jalan SS2/43
Petaling Jaya
*Behind Puay Chai School

“三管家”代表所有 KH7883 成员致惜梅校友深深的哀悼, 同时希望她能节哀顺变,尽快走过丧亲之痛。我们也希望成员可以向惜梅给予关怀及慰问, 也感谢那些到治丧处追悼的成员, 谢谢.

Dear members:

Sabrina Tang Suat Boey's mother in law passed away on the 24th September 2008. The funeral will be held on the 26th June 2008. The wake is held at her residence with the address as stated-above.
On behalf of all KH7883 members, we would like to extend our deepest condolences to Sabrina.We hope members would attend the wake at your own convenience to assist Sabrina to overcome her grief.

Thank you.


PS: Approval was granted by Sabrina to post this notice.


Anonymous said...

take care sb.

Anonymous said...




middlelip said...

Dear Sabrina...
Sincere condolences on your great loss... :(

JACK said...


sabrina said...

Thanks to those who had paid us a visit during the wake service. Thanks to your condolence contribution. Thanks to all the kind sms that have warmed my heart.Thanks to those who help or trying to help with blood donation.Thanks for your caring phone calls. A big Thank You to CS who has helped tremendously in getting 慈济 to come forward with group blood donation........
I have lost my words........
I am truly truly very touched.
Again, a big thank U from the bottom of my heart.

From Sabrina & family