Sunday, February 22, 2009



云吞面一向以来都是许多人最受欢迎的小食, 今天"光华日报"介绍了北马区五间云吞面小食店, 这里贴上照片和大家分享, 新闻报道可到:

不要误会我们在这里替他们打广告, 只是饮食文化也是生活的一部分, 加上云吞面价格廉宜, 这个刊贴只是想推荐大家更多选择而已, 若成员有其他更美味的云吞面摊店介绍, 不妨写出来和大家分享!



ks said...

It seems that all the politician in Malaysia are concentrating on gaining their political mileage but how about the economy of our country?

It is very very sad to all the Malaysian where our leaders are still at a denial mode stating that we are less affected by current financial crisis as compared to our neighboring countries.

Khim Siong

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wah.....! your eyes very sharploh!

Anonymous said...

So, anybody informed the wan tan mee seller already regarding the surprise "visitor" ?

kh7883 said...


This is Malaysia-lah! Everything can-mah! so just live with it.

Anyway, it is just saddening and at the same time sickening to see their antics, they place their self-interest way way above the benefit of all the Malaysians!

chye seng