Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Dear Friends,

Guess what? Guess who did I find?
A teacher who went "missing"!
A clue - she was the 梦中情人for all our “老男生”at that time!!!
I am so excited! She is still teaching. Not only that, she is now teaching in my daughter's Catholic High School! Thru another Cath's teacher, I got her housephone and hp numbers, also her home address.
And my GOD! She stays just a few doors away from me! I will pay her a visit soon, for sure.
Stay tuned, you will not regret (especially 老男生!).
Again, I am so so excited, 好像中头奖一样! 猜一猜,猜中有奖!



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jack said...


sabrina said...

Good guess Jack, but i am afraid it's not the right answer. Give u another clue: She is very tall, fair, long hair, teach Chinese....Got it? I haven't call her yet, this few days 早 出 晚 归, 怕 太 夜 , 吓 到 老 师 了。Good try, keep trying again till u get it.


jack said...

hi Sabrina, i just came back fr genting, save n fine. tall, fair n long hair, wow!! well, sorry, i cant recall my memory, surrender.