Thursday, August 7, 2008

老师专访-Mr. Wong Swee Lin

With Gin Choon’s help, I managed to meet up with Mr Wong Swee Lin, our former teacher & ex-Keat Hwa Headmaster at Alor Star last weekend.

When we reached Mr Wong’s house at Taman Berjaya, he greeted us with warm smile and welcome us to his nice & cozy home. He still looks pretty much the same and stays very healthy & joyful like most of the other teachers whom we had visited.

Mr Wong has been teaching at Keat Hwa for 28 years and has just retired recently. He was the HM after Mr Yong Ai Tai & Pn Soo-hoo. After retired from Keat Hwa, he taught at one of the private school at KL for a short span of time before he decided to come back to his beloved home town to enjoy the peaceful & relaxing life here.

Mr Wong is one of the very important anchorman, instrumental in bringing Keat Hwa Brass Band to another greater height. During his tenure of teaching, he has brought the Brass Band to two oversea competitions, namely: Spain & Italy and has won many awards and international recognition.

He can recalled our ex-Brass Band members very well, eg: Lim Loon Khai, Goh Kok Soo, Tan Saw Saw, Wu Ching Ching etc. I am sure if we can organize a “Brass Band” Alumni he will be thrilled. Loon Khai? What do you think?

We had a very good chat for almost one over hour and I presented Mr Wong our reunion DVD before we leave. He planned to come for our reunion dinner but couldn’t make it due to some last minute urgent matter. However, he had heard so much of it from another teacher Mr Tan Meng Chai and expressed his great gratitude and best wishes to all of us. Our best wishes go to you as well, our beloved Teacher, Mr Wong Swee Lin.

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