Monday, July 7, 2008


15 min with 刘老师at Macau ferry, Teacher wanna rush back to 博 杀 and
didn’t manage to join us for dinner…..Ő

My HK foster family-Gary, neighbour to Alice & KL

Yummy seafood at 西 贡,another HK & Msia mari reunion.

Ooop, is it for dinner?

Shark or shark fin?

HK bamboo clam is so huge, it's called 圣 旨, eat also 怕 怕!

Lee Wai Keong is like me, M'sia mari, on biz trip.KL said that's the 1st time all 3 HK KH7883 meet together, becoz of 2 M'sia mari.

唯 一 的 遗 憾: 没 有 吃 到 义 顺 的 双 皮 奶 和 "姜 撞 奶".

~ 陈惜梅

Bonus Track: Photos From 伟强

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