Tuesday, July 8, 2008






哈哈! CC在哪里?




jin keat said...

hi all, wow, wow, wow! nice party. is the one Mr Khoo K.H.(sorry i'm not sure the name's spelling.) i would like to send him my regards n hope that he is strong n healthy. secretly tell u all; i was caned by him at form two but in my heart now there's no hate but love. ('phai sae' for any wrong spelling n gramma mistake)

kh7883 said...


u r rite, he is Teacher Khoo Kok Huang (not sure whether the spelling is right), he was the branch school supervisor, he said he did cane some students before, and apparently, you were one of them!

but then he should be proud of you now, if you were there, I am sure he would be very delighted to meet you.

sometimes it is because of the actions(either punnishment or complement) from our teachers in the past that made us successful in our life later, I think we have to always remember that.

chye seng

JK said...

谢谢你, 财盛