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一位身份不明的吉华生写了这样的一段留言, 我觉得大家应该花点时间读一读:
Dear Mr Tan,(Mr. Tan Tiong Lip)

You message inspire me to write something down here.

You have to confess something with pride, these are the quality students whom you have taught and brought us up to where we are today.

Every child has gifts and being taleted and and responsible teachers, you and other Keat Hwa teachers have enhanced and cutivated the seeds and celebrating the fruits today.

Keat Hwa students have been very successful in whatever they are doing today and no doubt they are contributing the success of the society to our country too. The windy force to make all of these happen? You teachers who have spent days and nights coaching us , without swearing and hesistationswhen we were in the of our schooling times. You give so much, and receive little in return, and never complain.

When we were in our 17, 18 year olds, we did a lots of deviance acts such as sleeping in class, challenging teachers with harsh languages, criticize teachers, "ponteng" class and school etc. Teachers might scream, scold and slap. But at the end of the day, we learn, we grow. And they are always there to wish us change, improve and grow even though we might have forgotten them. The care and impact is definitely beyond the classroom and the years we were in Keat Hwa.

While we are working hard and heading to our life destination goal. Take a moment, sit down and give a thought. Who had shaped us to who we are today besides our parents?They do, all teachers who had taught us in school.Be appreciative and do not forget to tell them how much we appreciate and love them before the opportunity dismisses.

I would like to dedicate this small blog article to all Keat Hwa teachers who inspire and dedicate untold hours to teach and grow us.

And thank you for doing such a phenomenal job!

A Keat Hwa student



middlelip said... "A Keat Hwa Student"...and all others...

On behalf of all teachers, I sincerely thank you for yr kind words & those of praise...what you all are today is our pride & joy of being your teachers! Your success is our success...

Each one of us took up the teaching profession for a reason...most probably for different reasons, too.

In my case...I might hv told some of you at some time or big factor that played a very important part was the part my own teachers played during my teenage years!

Frankly, I was NO saint in Form 1 nor Form 2! I only recovered myself (saw the light) just b4 my SRP(yr PMR). And it was the continuous efforts of those teachers that turned me around...from a crazy, irresponsible & misled teenager to a young boy who realised that that was the WRONG way to grow up!

So, I can say here & now that if NOT for those teachers who went out of their way to stop me (at that time I was so damn sore they did what they did!), I would not have been able to be your teacher at all!! God only knows what I would have become... :(

So, if I had been strict or harsh during the time when you were under my tutelage, it was with good intentions. You might have hated me like I used to hate my own teachers then...haha! If so, my sincere apologies...TQ.

And yup, becoming a teacher was my way of returning the favour my teachers did for me... ;) And if I did do any good for anyone of you, I thank you for allowing me to do so.

TQ 4reading this far...Hv a great weekend!

TL Tan

middlelip said...

ps. A typho here...should hv been "LCE" during my time not "SRP"...sorry, this ole brain kinda rusty...hehe...

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Tan,

Thank you for reading the blog article and sharing us your growing up story. It is a "thrill" to know you were not much diffrent than us when you were in school, small monster =)

From the lines you wrote, I could feel that you hold a very deep and rich part of your heart to all of us that you laugh, cry (when we getchaotic and disorganized ? ;),struggle and celebrate everything with in your Keat Hwa years. Thank you for all your commitment,tenacity and wondrous dedication to all the Keat Hwa students. It must be very lucky of Keat Hwa to have you being part of us over these many years.

Last but not least a Big Thank you and Hug to you from all of us.

A Keat Hwa Student

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