Monday, June 23, 2008



黄老师曾在Lower Six 教过我数学。他也是我们圣约翰救伤队的顾问老师,所以对他绝不陌生。



MM / 文铭

Photo_1: 沙巴博物院前留影 (小女孩是我女儿)

Photo_2: 沙巴基金局大厦(你们看, 老师多恩爱!)

Photo_3: 沙巴基金局大厦全貌-圆柱体建筑

Photo_4: 摄于沙巴大学内的海边

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huang yashi said...

Dear Mun Meng,
I just read the message and photos that you had posted on the website. I would like to once again thank you and your family for your warm hospitality while we were in KK - a beautiful city which is not fully appreciated by many people, especially the West Malaysians. We had quite a relaxed and enjoyable holiday in Sabah. My greatest achievement for this trip, of course, was conquering the summit of Mt Kinabalu. In my opinion, this is NOT a mission impossible. All you need is the determination. Physically, everyone is capable of doing it.
When you have the chance to come to JB or Singapore, please give me a call so that we can meet up again with LJ for a chat.
Send my regards to your family, especially your loving daughter.

mr & mrs wong