Friday, June 20, 2008




1。 534重聚日影片的首映会只在吉隆坡举行,希望那区的校友踊跃参加,我本身也会南下参与盛会,到时见!其他地方的首映会因为没人肯接任,所以只好取消。

2。 关于慈善组的成立,我们接洽的人选基本上没反对接任,只是他还在寻找可行的筹款机制,如果我们可以解决一些技术性的问题,我们会依照原本计划进行,若不,那我们得考虑取消这个小组。

3。 关于禾浪联系点,添宝校友基本上已自愿接任其中一个位子,他还会替我们多找两人来一起担任,这里“三管家”诚心谢谢添宝校友的用心。至于其他地区的,我们会在近期内挑定人选。

4。 关于采访小组,我们也会考虑取消掉,个区校友老师的采访和资料更新就由禾浪联系点来做,避免重复功能。

5。俊之已放上一小段的534重聚日preview, 从刘老师的表现你们就可知道这影片会多精彩。如果看得不过瘾,不必担心,锦历校友已弄好另一个preview, 将由惜梅校友带回来,到时我们会尽快贴上去。




Jin Keat said...

Hi All, another good week, thanks u all, thanks CS, for your effort to keep KH7883, so that i wont feel lonely, thanks.

Anonymous said...


you are most welcome, we are doing our best to keep it going, as long as you guys are out there supporting this blog, we shall stay put forever!


Anonymous said...


Welcome to KL for 534重聚日影片的首映会.

Thank you for your hardworks on manages this KH7883 blogs.

See you on

日期:05-07-08 (星期六)


Chuai Heng Restaurant
Lot 9616, 1st Floor,
Jalan Kuchai Lama,
Off Jalan Klang Lama
03-7980 5666


Michael 谢继豪 : 012-5934040
Yvonne 林露微:012-3986218


sabrina said...

Hi Everybody, i am back! Was stranded at HK airport for 8 over hours of flight delay due to bad typhoon at Philippine. Reach home midnite and drop dead tired....Just woke up and wish to say Hi.It's a very joyful & interesting trip for me. I have taken lots of photos and will share with u guys later.Stay tune. Those who had or try to call me when i was away, my big apologies...I have lots of miss call which i cant figure out who.I can't return your call as no number appear in record. If it's ok pls kindly call me again, anytime.

I wish to thank Dragon taiko-Teoh Leong Teng, Png Wai Peng, Alice Goh Cheng Siew & Png Kia Lek who had shown great hospitality during my stay and i truly have good time with u guys......

Chat more later, got to do my laundry now.



Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Thanks for seeing me after your landry. Thank you very much again for your 'Playboy' souvenir from HK, but my wife looks for the magazine instead (suspecting that I got one and hide it somewhere).


sabrina said...

Ha Ha CC,glad that u like it. Tell your wife the souvenier come with bunny kids magazine. For 18 and below only.